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Management solution

SOTEK LOGISTICS management solutions guarantee that each of the outsourced elements will be managed by real specialists. Management and consulting solutions are available as independent services or as additional services added to our warehousing or transport solutions. Whatever activities you outsource, your company will benefit from the best practices and international strengths of SOTEK LOGISTICS.

SOTEK LOGISTICS integrated solutions help you gain efficiency and flexibility, and optimize costs across the end-to-end supply chain. By bringing together all the necessary services (transport, freight, customs clearance, warehousing and management) in a complete and optimized offer, your logistics chain is simplified and your company emerges stronger and more efficient.

Supply chain management

Faced with changing consumption patterns (nomadism, volatility), companies must constantly adapt their business practices and improve their responsiveness to respond to the considerable shortening of the life cycle of consumer products.
Optimization of the logistics chain, notably allowing an improvement in the in-store service rate as well as a reduction in stock levels, appears to be a major issue for companies. Specialized computer software makes it possible to optimize the various stages of the logistics process: sales forecasting, data synchronization between the various departments of the company contributing to the logistics function, and finally the operational management of physical flows, management from orders to warehouse management. This software, developed by specialized editors, must obviously be able to communicate with each other in the company, but also increasingly, with the information systems of the commercial partners involved in the supply chain.

Warehousing solutions

Les solutions d’entreposage SOTEK LOGISTICS améliorent l’optimisation des stocks et vous font gagner en réactivité face aux demandes changeantes des clients. Nos experts conçoivent, mettent en place et exploitent des solutions flexibles de distribution et d’entreposage créées sur mesure pour vos besoins professionnels. Ils analysent chaque maillon de votre chaîne logistique afin d’identifier la solution idéale.
Établir les documents nécessaires au transit maritime de marchandises.

  • Apply the procedures necessary to complete a maritime operations file while respecting the associated regulatory and legal obligations.
  • Recognize and use international sales terms (lncoterms),
  • Use and apply sea freight and handling rates,
  • Provide work instructions that can be used by a customs clerk and / or courier,
  • Use the office tools adapted to the operations carried out,
  • Operate and write business documents in English.
  • Establish documents entering into export customs clearance procedures,
  • Use and apply customs tariffs,
  • Write the declarations necessary for the various operating procedures by applying the customs regulations relating to these operations,
  • Establish the various technical documents necessary for the control of foreign trade,
  • Enter the files on the terminal connected to the Customs service
  • Establish the documents entering into the import customs clearance procedures.
  • Identify the various formalities relating to foreign trade.
  • Establish the customs declarations necessary for import operations for the various regimes,
  • Establish the declarations annexed to an import operation,
  • Use the office tools adapted to the operations carried out,
  • Operate and write business documents in English.
  • The internationalization of economies is one of the great developments of the 21st century. Import-Export companies have played a major role in the development of international trade and today represent a dynamic and highly diversified sector. Made up of more than 4,800 companies specializing in sales between professionals, the Import-Export branch brings together companies whose activity stands out.
  • Commercial companies including: - import and distribution companies, - trading companies with companies specialized by geographical area, purchasing offices, commission agents, Import-Export companies, etc. commercial representation companies and commercial agents (importers, exporters,) - brokerage companies.
  • International traders: - international trading companies.
  • International support companies: - international consulting companies, - import-export management companies. Small structures predominate in the area.

Fleet management

SOTEK LOGISTICS warehousing solutions improve inventory optimization and make you more responsive to changing customer demands.
Our experts design, implement and operate flexible distribution and warehousing solutions tailored to your business needs. They analyze every link in your supply chain to identify the ideal solution.
Establish the documents necessary for the maritime transit of goods.