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Why SOTEK Money?

Congo is one of the countries in Africa with a high mobile penetration rate (over 100%). Despite this remarkably high penetration rate and the existence of electronic financial transaction models via the mobile phone either in the form of “Mobile Money” or in the form of “Mobile Banking”, the increase in the banking rate as well as the popularization in the use of financial services remain major challenges.

Thus, SOTEK wants to register in this environment as an "Actor" of secure electronic payment means in Congo.

Comment procéder pour mettre en œuvre cette ambition ?

SOTEK wants to deploy a secure mobile payment solution that enables electronic transactions between and between mobile operators on the one hand and from mobile operators to banks and vice versa on the other. With a network of merchants contracted across the country, SOTEK wants to make secure electronic transactions accessible and thus popularize the method of payment via mobile phone both in cities and within the country.

In order to achieve its objectives in the execution of this strategic project, SOTEK has the capacity to engage, through a technical partnership, an international firm specializing in the development and deployment of mobile payment platform which meets international standards.

What to provide as services and products to our valued customers?

Mobile application for payment and other transactions for users
Electronic money equipment for electronic money users
Distribution of electronic money via Mobile Money
Sale of electronic payment equipment
Production, Personalization and sale of debit and credit cards
The granting of micro credit by electronic transactions through a network of micro entrepreneurs

What are the benefits?

Popularization of electronic payment
Popularization of electronic payment
Contribution to increasing the banking rate
Setting up a platform for the re-routing of mobile transactions from one network to another or from a mobile network to a bank or other EMF
Development of the electronic portfolio
Development of e-commerce