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SOTEK Group intends to set up a virtual network which will be grafted onto an existing network in the Republic of Congo.

What is a MVNO ?

A virtual mobile network operator, also known by the acronym MVNO (from the English Mobile Virtual Network Operator), is a mobile telephone operator who, not having a spectrum license or own radio network infrastructure, contracts agreements with mobile operators owning a mobile network (known by the acronym MNO, from the English Mobile Network Operator) to buy them a subscription to use their radio network and resell it under its own brand to its customers.

Telecommunications & Computer Engineering

With more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, our teams will advise operators to choose the best low cost solutions to satisfy their customers.

We are there to advise and guide clients according to their needs and their structures. Specialist in installation and maintenance: Computer cabling, telephony, cabling, Fiber Optics, alarms, Wireless networks - WIFI, microwave, planning work for the optimization of GSM, 3G and 4G networks.

Telephony over IP (or VoIP for Voice over IP)

We carry out different types of installation according to the needs of each company: telephone installation suitable for multi-site agencies, workers and call centers.

Digital security

Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Video Surveillance Systems, Access Control, Time Management, Burglar Alarm, Fire Extinguishing / Detection, Geolocation, Telecommunications & Networks, Environment and Signage.

  • Anti-Intrusion Alarm For homes, businesses or vehicles.
  • Access control Manage access to your buildings with an access control system either through a personal badge or via a biometric device.
  • Biometric time clock
  • Video surveillance System of cameras and transmission of images, placed in a public or private space for remote monitoring; it is therefore a type of remote monitoring.
  • The automatic extinguishing system A simple technology for detecting and extinguishing the beginnings of a fire, it operates without any human intervention.